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Cakes - Custom made just for you
At Cakes! Inspired by Kayla we pride ourselves on making every cake with love and care, using the freshest ingredients. All cakes are made from scratch with tried and tested recipes our customers love!

Cakes! Inspired by Kayla - More than just a cake business

The name Cakes! Inspired by Kayla is a very personal name for both myself and my family, it means so much more than just a business name..

Kayla is our beautiful little girl, she unfortunetly passed away in November 2011.

Kayla was a very brave, determined and happy little girl, she was full of life and her smile could light the darkest of rooms.  She used to love being by my side in the kitchen, whether it be cooking dinner, baking up some yummy treats or most importantly making cakes! We often discussed one day making cakes for others together; she really liked that idea! This is where our business came from.  My husband and I were looking for a way to honour our little girl and keep her memory alive, so what better way than to start a cake business and name it after her.

Kayla is my inspiration in life, and the biggest inspiration in my baking.

This business is dedicated to her, our angel, Kayla.

About the baker/decoator

My name is Stef, I am a wife and mother of 3.  My love of baking and decorating cakes started back in 2008 with my eldest daughter's first birthday cake.  I am self taught and strive to learn new techniques everyday!

My mission is to create you a masterpeice that will be remembered long after your event.


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