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All cakes made by Cakes! Inspired by Kayla are custom quoted to suit your needs, therefore there are no set prices.  All cakes are made to order.

Cake prices are based on 3 major componants; Design, Flavour & Size.  Obviously, the bigger the cake, the more expensive it is going to be.  If you want to feed 100 people, it is going to cost you alot more than the same cake design to feed 20.

A large portion of the cost of a cake is the labour involved in baking, assembling and decorating your cake, so, the more decoration, the more expense. Remember, you are paying for a professional service and professional skillset. Your cake will be one of the most memorable parts of your event! Wow your guests with something that not only looks amazing, but tastes amazing too!

You will need to know how you are serving your cake. Will it be used as dessert where each guest will receive a piece of cake or will it be served as coffee portions where your guests help themselves to pre cut "finger" slices?

This is especially important for wedding cakes as dessert portions are served as part of your formal meal, every guest will be served a piece of cake that has been plated up individually and are usually a 1"x2" slice of cake. Therefore you need to count every guest in your cake size. Coffee portions are usually sliced up as a 1"x1" portion, plated on platters and put on the centre of tables towards the end of the night.  When serving cake as coffee portions, usually only 70% of your guests will need to be counted for cake as some guests may not pick up a slice or may have already left before it is served.

To give you more of an idea on pricing, please see the below pictures with starting from prices underneath.

For birthday & general cakes, our prices start at approximately $170.


Novelty Cakes usually require alot of time in planning, carving and decorating. 

These start at $300

Wedding Cakes generally require more time in consultations, preparation, planning and attention to detail. Our wedding cakes start at $300


Other items available:                Prices starting from:

Macarons                                            $3.00 each

Cupcakes                                            $4.00 each

Cookies                                               $3.50 each

Desserts                                                   POA

All items above have a minimum order quantity of 24

Frequently Asked


When should I get in contact to book my cake?

It is recommended to get in contact with us as soon as you know your date required. Although you may not completely know what you are after, this will give you the best chance of securing your date.  Cakes! Inspired by Kayla require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to book in your cake, but can sometimes book out 6 months in advance. Espeically in peak wedding season.

What information is needed to get a quote?

For Cakes! Inspired by Kayla to give you an accurate quote, we will require:

Date of function

The servings required

The serving sizes (ie dessert or coffee)

The flavour

The style of the cake

Weddings - Will you be keeping the top tier for your anniversary?

Where is pick up from and do you deliver?

All wedding cakes are recommended to be delivered, a delivery fee will apply based on the venue location.  All other cakes are to be picked up from Andrews Farm unless otherwise arranged. Local delivery is an option within 5km of Andrews Farm at no extra cost.

Can I change my date or cake design?

Dates will only be changed subject to availability.

Cake designs may be changed but must be done so no more than 3 weeks prior to the date required. A design change fee may apply and your originial quoted price may also change.

How do I cancel my order?

For wedding cakes - Please refer to the wedding terms and conditions.

For all other cakes, you may cancel upto 2 weeks prior to your date needed. All booking fees will be forfeited, but any further money paid will be transferrable to another date subject to availability. If cancelled within 1 week of your date required, no refunds will be given or transferred.

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