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Cakes! Inspired by Kayla specialise in Italian Style Macarons. These colourful little delights are perfect for any occassion, whether it be the main attraction on a dessert buffet or to be used as bonbonniere at your next event, your guests are sure to go nuts over our Macarons. 

We are able to make macarons in any colour and have a flavour list that is forever growing. For an example of flavours, please see our flavour page.



Our Cupcakes have been meticulously tried and tested to bring you a truly unique experience when purchasing and eating our cakes.  We have hundreds of flavour combinations, all mouthwatering both to look at and to eat. Each cupcake will leave you salivating for more! Where you're after a cupcake tower for a birhday, bonbonniere for your wedding or just to eat for dessert, we can satisfy your tastebuds! Check our flavours page to get a glimps of the flavours available.  The best way to try our cupcakes is to visit us at a local market like La De Da Markets or Lollipop Markets.



Our cookies are made from a delicious sugar cookie recipe that has been adapted to suit being cut out in various shapes without loosing it's shape while baking.  These can be covered in either fondant, royal icing or edible images to suit any occasion.

Cookies are a fantastic addition to any candy/dessert buffet and are perfect as bonbonniere.


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